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OBDLink MX Bluetooth / Re: Fixing Torque/Sleep
« Last post by jdub1981 on February 27, 2015, 11:19:50 AM »
What sleep issues?  I have zero problems with Torque Pro and the OBDlink MX.

Also, according the Torque Wiki the developer highly recommends the Obdlink mx.  How do you know your adapter is not asleep?  Anyhow, Shawnnf350, I left the my MX plugged in to my vehicle for 2 weeks with zero issues.  Most of the off the issues Ive seen on this forum can all be fixed with configuration changes from with Torque Pro.  I cant vouch for Torque free though but the Pro version adds ALOT more value after its purchase.
I too have had this exact problem, I get in the car startup and Torque Pro works great.  Go to some store and shut off the vehicle only to return 5 minutes later.  I then turn the vehicle and boom I get hit with a ton of lights and all sorts of errors.  Fear not, I have the solution!  You most likely have your vehicle profile setup to connect in automatic protocol scan or fast protocol scan.  This mode is really only for people who don't know what profile their individual vehicle uses.  Go back to your car or truck and pull the Obdlink off the port.  Start your vehicle and reconnect the Obdlink.  Open Torque and go down to adapter status--->obd protocol.  For your Ford it should be ISO15765-4 CAN (11bit 500k).  If you were able to connect and have none of the errors that you previously did then back out of those settings and back to the main screen where you load your vehicle profile.  Click whichever button that lets you edit your vehicle profile.  Scroll down near the bottom to the section "Preferred OBD2 Protocol" Now change that parameter to match what you were connected to earlier.  Click Save. 

GM Enhanced / Fatal Error Has Occurred
« Last post by Isti on February 27, 2015, 10:48:50 AM »
I have bought the SanXL pro + GM just a month ago.
I tried it on a simulator, and seemed to be OK.

But yesterday I tried it with cars.
It worked well on a Opel Astra, but after trying it with Toyota Camry Hybrid (2008), I got the Fatal error windows enclosed.
Clicking on the screen (not the windows), the program goes away……but…the error windows wait for click OK, an the ScanXL pro ended after.
What to do….?

The second problem was when I tried it on the Opel Ampera (Chevrolet Volt 2012), and the program recognized only the normal basic (Generic) OBDII PIDs, and did not recognized any from (promised by your web pages) hybrid PIDs. I bought the system (ELM+program) to test this Chevy Volt hybrid car, that is why it is very important for me (to see the electronic parameters, accumulator parameters and so….) Please help me to solve this problems.
If anybody knows the solution to get hybrid PIDs, please inform me.

Thank you in advance (and sorry for my poor English)
BR from Hungary
OBDwiz/TouchScan / Re: No Key
« Last post by Alonzo Canales on February 27, 2015, 10:45:54 AM »


I have sent you an email with a new license key. Please check your spam/junk folder.

Best Regards,
If it's a US vehicle it would be obd2 compliant.

The extra functionality of the MX isn't needed for a car that year.  The LX will also work.  If you have a Ford or GM 2008 and up the MX is the better choice though.

OBDwiz/TouchScan / No Key
« Last post by piloon on February 27, 2015, 08:55:42 AM »
Recently loaded my scan tool program and it asks me to enter key.
Lights up , flashes but where is key?
Ver 1.5a, 327
Thanks fo help.
Saw the new update that included many new features... However, don't understand why can't you guy include an option to disable the sleeping mode? Like always switch off the device when the ignition is off and on when ignition is on? I understand that you want to cater for users that want to have the ability to do remote start etc... But for some users like me for example is more concerned with the risk of the device rendering my car battery flat. Can't you just include that option in the device setup menu?

At the moment, I don't dare to leave the device plug in overnight... Even your own support staff cannot guarantee that this will never happen in the future.

Hope you can include this option in your future update.


The OBDLink MX Bluetooth should work with your vehicle as long as your vehicle is OBDII compliant. Please make sure that your vehicle is OBDII complaint.

Best Regards,
Thanks for responding. I'm pretty sure it is obd2 compliant. I'll be making a purchase sometime soon.
« Last post by purushothamerupuri on February 26, 2015, 11:01:04 PM »
ya all the connections are good ,as per your suggestion i cross checked all are in correct order ,but for every command i want to unplug  and plugin the usb cable to reset the stn1110.

 i had tested in keeping the command in loop mode 1 sec is getting for some time and after some time no response.please help me what is the correct way to solve the issue.

That too we no need of time we struct at basic chip handle itself ..

I need a contionus response from stn1110 for eg if i send  STSN it responds the serial number ,and after 2 or 3 sec i will send again STSN there is no response at this time i want to reset the chip manually by power off and on...

Thanks for your reply
General OBD Questions / Re: OBDLink SX - Can i use it for my application?
« Last post by CoolByAccident on February 26, 2015, 08:05:54 PM »
I've read that I can simulate Class 2 data using an OBD interface and some software. Is there anywhere that I can read to explain this further???
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