Author Topic: hacking chrysler based scan tool software  (Read 4629 times)


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hacking chrysler based scan tool software
« on: February 12, 2010, 10:31:25 PM »
i have access to every chrysler based scan tool, software package and card. i was thinking i may be able to use this data to allow access to more modules(fcm,bcm,ipm,wcm,ccn,abs,etc) by integrating it into the software available here.  for one all of the cards available for the the drbIII fit a laptops card slot and can be opened and modified. i know this because i used a recovery program to rescue one of them after a rookie figured out a way to render it useless. if its that easy to root around in, i dont see why it couldnt be hacked. i opened up one of the software files of the opperating system on the starscan in a dos window and was exspecting a jumbled up mess of encrypted code,  instead i could make out every command and string of code. if i spoke the language i swear i could reverse engeneer the sucker. do any of you have any information on this? i was almost thinking there could be a way to just install the drbIII and/or starscan or star mobile software onto a laptop using it as vertual software over a linux os. then after some port redirecting and software minipulation, maybe????