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ScanXL features
« on: August 17, 2011, 04:51:32 AM »

Got recently my OBDLink SX. It came with OBDWiz bundled software. Of course it's a very nice solution but still the professional version (i.e. ScanXL) looks to me much better. Gives much more capabilities to deal with car. So, to make story short donloaded a trial version of Scan XL (probably later will buy it). But, before that few questions.

1. Is there a complete manual for this soft (help module does not help much when it gets to specific details).
2. For example, not sure fully understand how to activate fuel reletaed features (with OBDWiz it started calculations right a way - don't know how accurate but works   ;) .)?
3. Another example is the Dyno test. What do you mean under "Final Drive"? Is this something what car manufacturer gives in the specs (i.e. gear ratio in the axle or gerbox ratio x transfer case ratio x final drive ratio?). Also, when I press "calculate" it never ends the calculation. Also, tire geometry - when put actual tire specifications (ex: 255/70R16) it fills some fields with "strange" values.

So, can you please provide with brief details or it will be excellent it you'll point me to the manual (or kind of a tutorial).

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