DashCommand for Windows

DashCommand™ is a touch screen friendly software application used for creating and displaying custom digital dashboards.

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DashCommand™ harnesses the power of the patent-pending DashXL™ technology to deliver high quality dashboards on a screen of any size. The dashboards are fully customizable with both digital and analog gauges, and scale to fit any screen size from 320x240 to 1600x1200 and larger.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all scan tools sold on this website
  • Supports all OBD-II compliant vehicles, including EOBD and JOBD vehicles. See complete list of supported vehicles
  • Works on Windows PC's
  • Scalable vector graphics look great at any resolution
  • Touch screen friendly design is perfect for car PCs
  • Powerful scripting engine for creating your own PIDs using custom formulas
  • Gesture support (swipe left, swipe right) for main menu and dashboards
  • Over 229 OBD-II PIDs are supported
  • English and metric units
  • Ability to record and play back log files
  • Support for a range of auxiliary input devices such as wideband O2 meters
  • Free dashboard editor for creating custom dashboards and sharing them on DashXL.net

Important Note

  • We regret that we are unable to offer refunds on software purchases.
  • Your license key will be emailed to you within 1 business day.
  • This product is download-only.
PPE Software Feature Comparison


OBD-II Scan ToolScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
Live DataYesYesYes
Freeze Frame DataYesYesNo
Read Diagnostic Trouble CodesYesYesYes
Clear Diagnostic Trouble CodesYesYesYes
Oxygen Sensor Test ResultsYesYesNo
Vehicle & Calibration InformationYesYesNo
Software FeaturesScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
DTC LibraryYesYesYes
English & Metric UnitsYesYesYes
Multiple Language SupportYesYesNo
Customizable Live DataYesYesYes
Data LoggerYesYesYes
CSV Export of Logged DataYesYesNo
Data Log BookmarksYesYesNo
Printing & Print PreviewYesYesNo
Enhanced FeaturesScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
Customizable DashboardsYesYesYes
Drag StripYesYesNo
Skin-able InterfaceNoNoYes
Custom Javascript ParametersYesYesYes
Customizable Data AlertsYesNoNo
OBD-II TerminalYesNoNo
Custom Plugin SupportYesNoNo
OBDNet™ ServerYesNoNo
Diagnostic CoverageScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
Generic OBD-II DiagnosticsYesYesYes
Ford Powertrain (Engine, Transmission)YesYesNo
Ford HybridYesYesNo
Ford ABSYesYesNo
Ford AirbagYesYesNo
GM Powertrain (Engine, Transmission)YesYesNo
GM HybridYesYesNo
GM AirbagYesYesNo
Mazda Powertrain (Engine, Transmission)YesYesNo
Mazda HybridYesYesNo
Mazda ABSYesYesNo
Mazda AirbagYesYesNo
Chrysler Enhanced DiagnosticsMaybeMaybeNo
Toyota Enhanced DiagnosticsMaybeMaybeNo
OBD-II ProtocolsScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
J1850 VPWYesYesYes
J1850 PWMYesYesYes
ISO 9141YesYesYes
ISO 14230 (KWP)YesYesYes
ISO 15765 (CAN)YesYesYes
PlatformsScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
Desktop ComputersYesYesYes
Laptop ComputersYesYesYes
In-Vehicle Computers (CarPC)NoNoYes
Touch Screen FriendlyNoNoYes
Windows 95/98/SE/MEYesYesYes
Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/Win7YesYesYes
Windows CENoNoNo
iPhone/iPod TouchNoNoYes
External HardwareScanXL™ ProScanXL™ StdDashCommand™
LM-1 & LC-1 Wide Band O2 SensorYesNoYes
AEM UEGO Wide Band O2 SensorYesNoYes
TechEdge Wide Band O2 SensorYesNoYes
PLX iMFD Sensor ModuleYesNoYes
Zeitronix Wide Band O2 SensorYesNoYes


Not Supported
Supported (licensed separately)
Coming Soon
Apps & Firmware
  1. DashCommand™ - 12 MB - Without a license key, the software installs as a demo. To remove the restrictions and enjoy the full functionality, simply purchase the license key.
  2. DashXL Skin Editor - 3 MB - Allows you to create and edit DashXL skin sets, and share them with other users on DashXL.net
Visit DashCommand™ forum board to ask questions and get support for this product.
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