ScanTool.net, LLC is located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the heart of the Silicon Desert. The company was founded in April of 2002, with one goal in mind: to make an affordable, yet sophisticated, personal scan tool.

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Today, we are proud to offer a complete line of smart phone & PC-based scan tools, which cover all OBD-II compliant vehicles. Thanks to their open architecture, our scan tools are compatible with a wide range of apps and software, including free and open-source diagnostic programs, as well as different hardware platforms, including Apple, Android, and PC-based devices.

From the very beginning, we made it our priority to make it easy for programmers to write software for our devices by providing documentation, source code, technical support, and OBD simulators. We work closely with many software developers across the globe, share ideas, and use their feedback to improve our scan tools.

About half of our sales are international, thanks in big part to our reseller network, which spans five continents -- from Europe to Australia. If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a reseller, please visit the Become a Reseller page.

ScanTool.net, LLC places a great emphasis on customer service and technical assistance. If you are not satisfied, we always try to settle the dispute in your favor, whether it be through repair, exchange, or refund.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

ScanTool.net Team