Drivers and Downloads

Development Software

Development software for OBD-II developers.

Diagnostic Software

OBD-II software for various operating systems. Open source, freeware, shareware, and demo programs.


Drivers for USB devices.

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for OBDLink EX, OBDLink LX, OBDLink MX+, OBDLink SX, STN1110 IC, STN1170 IC, STN2120 IC, ECUsim 2000 and ECUsim 5100.

Firmware Updates - Discontinued Products

Firmware updates for discontinued OBDLink products: microOBD 200, OBDLink/OBDLink S, OBDLink CI, and OBDLink MX

Product Documentation

Quick Start Guides, product manuals, and datasheets.

Product Documentation - Discontinued products

OBDLink MX Wi-Fi, microOBD 200, OBDLink CI, OBDLink S, OBDLink, Ready-or-not, STM4100


Helpful software utilities useful for troubleshooting scan tool connection issues, driver installation, and more.