OBDLink for Android Update: Version 3.3.1

An update for OBDLink for Android app has just been released on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. This update fixes a couple issues that OBDLink users are running into regarding user-defined PIDs. In addition, it adds new calculated PIDs for Engine Power, Engine Torque, and A/F ratio.

OBDLink v3.3.1 Release Notes

  • Improved the accuracy of fuel calculations for some vehicles
  • Added calculated PIDs for engine horsepower and torque
  • Added calculated PIDs for actual and commanded air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio
  • Expanded the allowable start and end angle range for radial gauges
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent user-defined PIDs from loading when Start on Dashboard Page is enabled
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent some advanced communication settings from not working when connect on startup is enabled
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Please note: Availability of PIDs is dependent on vehicle year, make and model. Not all vehicles support all calculated PID values.

Download the OBDLink App

Android update 3.3.1