• ECUsim Commander - Development Software Release

    ECUsim Commander is a software tool created exclusively for developers using the ECUsim product line. It provides a smart terminal environment to work with ECUsim.

    ECUsim Commander v1.0.16 Release Notes

    • Dedicated tool exclusively for ECUsim
    • Built-in script editor
    • Easily control bus monitoring
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Auto-completion of ECUsim commands
    • Includes example scripts
    • Doesn't require Virtual COM ports
    • Automatically detects ECUsim
    • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
    • Small installer and footprint

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  • OBDLink MX Reviewed By

    Mp3Car's OBDLink MX Hardware Review just completed a thorough, hands-on review of OBDLink MX. Mp3Car is a pioneering force in the mobile computing world, and we're grateful they took the time to check out MX in-depth, and provide some thoughtful, independent feedback. Here are a few quotes from the review:

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  • OBDScope for Symbian

    If you have a Nokia smartphone or tablet based on the Symbian OS, OBDScope is an app we highly recommend. OBDScope works in conjunction with our OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter to turn your phone into a powerful engine diagnostics tool. 

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  • Improve MPG: The Factors Affecting Fuel Efficiency

    Matthew Vea used an ElmScan 5 to log data from his 2006 Jeep Wrangler, and wrote a comprehensive article about it.
  • Just Launched: Automon, Student Project Based on ElmScan 5 USB.

    Donal O'Connor is a B.Sc. student in the Software Development and Computer Networking program at the [Cork Institute of Technology]( in Ireland. In January of 2009, Donal presented his project idea for a final year student project, a Linux-based in-car diagnostic computer, and asked if would sponsor him. Donal has just finished his project, [Automon]( Read more about it, in Donal's [blog](

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