OBDLink MX Reviewed By Mp3Car.com

Mp3Car's OBDLink MX Hardware Review

Mp3Car.com just completed a thorough, hands-on review of OBDLink MX. Mp3Car is a pioneering force in the mobile computing world, and we're grateful they took the time to check out MX in-depth, and provide some thoughtful, independent feedback. Here are a few quotes from the review:

  • "The information I want from my OBD-II system comes at a rate that is 5 times greater than the generic device."
  • "OBDLink MX is programmed to automatically shut off if activity is not detected on the bus for 10 minutes. This is a feature that should be considered invaluable to a person who wishes to install this device permanently"
  • "Fact is, the OBDLink MX is the best OBD-II option to date."

If you're in the market for an OBDII adapter, this review is a must-read.