• OBDLink MX Reviewed By

    Mp3Car's OBDLink MX Hardware Review just completed a thorough, hands-on review of OBDLink MX. Mp3Car is a pioneering force in the mobile computing world, and we're grateful they took the time to check out MX in-depth, and provide some thoughtful, independent feedback. Here are a few quotes from the review:

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  • OBDLink MX Has Arrived

    The World's Smallest & Fastest OBD Adapter Provides Access to Single Wire and Medium Speed CAN networks

    Engineered to accelerate performance over the Bluetooth link, OBDLink MX is up to five times faster than the closest competitor. The world's smallest OBD adapter provides access to SW CAN & MS CAN networks in addition to legislated OBD-II. Thanks to the unique BatterySaver™ technology you can rest assured that, unlike other OBD adapters, MX won't drain your battery if you leave it plugged in.

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  • Team Hermes Wins 2011 Microsoft Imagine Cup, $25k

    Vehicle Interface features STN1110 technology from OBD Solutions

    Team Hermes, a group of 4 students attending IT Sligo in Ireland, won the top prize at the 2011 Microsoft Imagine Cup in New York this month with an innovative project that addresses the global issue of road safety.

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  • New Sparkfun STN1110 Development Board!, the world's most popular electronics hobbyist site, has just released their OBD-II Development Board. The board is based on our own STN11xx chip family, and has all the electronics necessary to interface with any OBD-II compliant vehicle's ECU. Sparkfun designed the board to be compatible with their existing USB and Bluetooth development boards. We're big supporters of any STN1110 development, and are excited that Sparkfun has introduced a product that makes it easy for hobbyists, prototypers, students, engineers, or anyone interested in OBD-II to get their project off the ground.

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  • OBDScope for Symbian

    If you have a Nokia smartphone or tablet based on the Symbian OS, OBDScope is an app we highly recommend. OBDScope works in conjunction with our OBDLink MX Bluetooth adapter to turn your phone into a powerful engine diagnostics tool. 

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  • Determining Your COM Port and Firmware Version for OBDLink™

    There are several ways to determine which communications port (COM 1, COM 2, etc) your OBDLink™ uses when connecting to your PC. The quickest is to download the STN Finder Utility here.

    Plug your OBDLink into a USB port, then run STN Finder. STN Finder will automatically detect what COM port your OBDLink is connected to, and the transmission (baud) speed.

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  • Upgrade OBDLink™ Firmware via USB

    Upgrading your OBDLink™ firmware can be done in a few simple steps. If you need to determine which COM port OBDLink is connected to, or what firmware version you are currently running, you can find detailed instructions here.

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  • OBDLink SX - Now Available

    OBDLink SX released - Big on Performance, Small on Price

    Since its release, OBDLink has become the market's best-selling PC based scan tool. Today, we raised the bar. OBDLink SX provides the same core functionality as its big brother, but in a streamlined package. Our popular OBDWiz software is still included free with every purchase, and SX works with all of premium OBD software offered on The original OBDLink is still available if you require some of its more sophisticated product features.

    OBDLink SX

  • STN1110 Article in Circuit Cellar

    Our STN1110 Featured New Product in January's Circuit Cellar

    We are honored to be mentioned in the January 2011 issue of Circuit Cellar. STN1110, our OBD Interpreter IC, is covered in the 'New Product News' section. Circuit Cellar is the 'World's Source for Embedded Electronics Engineering Information', and we are pleased to have our product release covered by such a prestigious periodical. Pick up your copy today!

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  • Just Launched! STN1110 OBD Interpreter IC

    We are excited to announce the official launch of STN1110 -- the world's smallest, lowest cost multiprotocol OBD interpreter chip. The STN1110 puts OBD data within the reach of even the most cost-sensitive commercial and consumer applications.

    STN1110 supports all legislated OBD-II protocols. It features a secure bootloader, advanced message filtering, low power mode, and a large OBD message buffer. STN1110 also has full support for the ELM327 command set, while outperforming the original ELM327 IC in every category: stability, performance, and features.

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