Is Your Check Engine Light On?

When the Check Engine light is illuminated, your vehicle's on-board diagnostic system is telling you that there is a potential problem with your engine or transmission. The severity of the problem can very from innocuous (like a loose gas cap) to something that can cause the failure of a critical component.

Generally, you can tell whether the problem requires immediate attention, just by looking at the Check Engine light:

  • A steady light typically indicates a problem with the emission control system: bad oxygen sensor, a loose gas cap, etc.
  • A flashing light indicates a serious problem like a misfire, which should be taken care of right away to avoid expensive repairs.

You can use OBDLink to read out the trouble codes that will help you pinpoint the source of the problem, research the severity, and discover potential fixes. Once you make the repairs (or tighten the gas cap), you can use the scan tool to clear the trouble codes and turn off the Check Engine light.